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Episode #24

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In This Episode

You’ve learned a couple of different ways to set Goals, you’ve heard how the dance has changed as our contributors have entered it ad different times, you’ve learned about the history of zills, musicality, style, authenticity, music, I mean what HAVEN’T we covered?

A lot.

Here’s the thing, there is SO much to know in this dance, and most of it isn’t cut and dried.

There are nuances, variations, multiple explanations and pathways and options.

So today I wanted to talk to you about overwhelm and how it’s all too prevalent in our dance, and what YOU can do about it.

Because make no mistake, this feeling holds a lot of people back. And you might be one of them without ever even noticing.

The guides I Mentioned

Figuring Out What To Practice

How to decide where to start in the bundle

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