Yallah Raqs 21 – Terri Allred - The Bellydance Bundle

Self-Doubt & Self-Confidence

Episode #21

Guest: Terri Allred

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

On Sale October 16th - 23rd

Terri's Contribution to the 2019 Bundle?

Becoming a Bad Ass Bellydancer

 Does self-doubt prevent you from taking risks?  From achieving your dreams? From success?

Join Terri as she explores 10 strategies for overcoming self-doubt and taking action to achieve your dreams.  

Hear from leaders in our international dance community as they share stories of how they overcame their own self-doubt.

Learn and practice practical steps to take action and become a bad-ass at whatever you desire.

In This Episode

Do you ever find yourself on a negative hamster wheel of self-talk?

Why aren’t I better at this?

Is my dancing good enough?

I’m so lazy, I must not care enough?

Sound familiar?

We ALL go through this, and we all have to find our own way to deal with it. Self-doubt is a killer of dreams, and well, we’re not standing for it anymore.

Terri is here with me today to talk about Self-Doubt, and Self-confidence and to share some ideas on how you can train your brain to be less doubtful and more confident.

How all of us can become bad ass bellydancers.

Her course in the bundle is going to be an amazing talk on this very subject, bringing to light how everyone deals with this. New dancer to advanced, hobbist to professional, hell, on this podcast we BOTH end up doing it to ourselves.


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