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Musicality & Style

Episode #20

Guest: Amanda Rose

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

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Amanda's Contribution to the 2019 Bundle?

Musicality & Style Series

 In this brand new 2019 Amanda Rose Online series we will focus on musicality and technique for American Cabaret and Egyptian styles.

We will learn technique and combinations for each style, discussing differences, crossover, and similarities, while making the musicality approach a prominent aspect of the process.

Techniques covered will include shimmies, hip work, chest work, turns, traveling moves as well as style specific flare moves. 

This series is great for those who want to understand better the differences between these two styles and make more informed choices when choreographing or performing.

Each class will include a detailed musicality process, helping students see the decision-making process that Amanda Rose uses to create style specific material.

In This Episode

Musicality and style are two of the biggest things in our dance.

You hear about them ALL. THE. TIME

The context varies, but the terms stay the same.

Perhaps you’re learning more about musicality and expressing it through improv, or you’ve heard mention of style, but have no idea what your style even is.

Neither is an easy thing to master, but they can be so much fun.

And today Amanda Rose joins us to talk about them. You can hear that she is passionate about the subject today, and I can’t wait to get into it.

She discusses with us the importance of musicality, and why that’s where the freedom lies. How advice to “have your own style” is way too vague, and a way to go about developing your own, and her personal method of Mapping songs so that you can take into account all the wonderful musical choices that were made, so that you can make informed dance choices as you move through the song.

This interview is PACKED with goodies!


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