Yallah Raqs 19 – Heather Wayman - The Bellydance Bundle

The Routine

Episode #19

Guest: Heather Wayman

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

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Heather's Contribution to the 2019 Bundle?

Rock the Routine - Premium Home Study Course

By the end of this 7-week, email course, you’ll know exactly what to expect in a full routine, what the audience expects of you, and how to deliver it in the moment.


Performing a full routine is an amazing experience.

It gives you time to let go and melt into the music.  To make a connection with the audience and just enjoy dancing.


It’s a big job.

A 6-part routine typically lasts 20-30 minutes. (I hear 45 minutes was not unusual in the old days!) That’s a lot of time to fill.


And the format is very specific.

An educated audience has very specific expectations.

To keep the audience’s interest, you need to know what to expect, what’s appropriate, and how to keep it interesting. And you must be able to use that knowledge in the moment.


In this program you’ll learn:


·         The structure

·         The Traditional Aesthetics

·         The psychology

·         How to improvise each section

·         How to adapt the full routine for shorter shows


In the process, you’ll discover:

·         The routine roller coaster

·         18 must-know songs

·         How to give the audience what they expect

·         How to manipulate the audience (for their own enjoyment)

·         12 improvisation strategies

In This Episode

If you’ve been listening to our episodes, you’ve heard mention a couple of times of a “routine” as some of our contributors talk about their origin stories in bellydance.

Now, you may or may not be familiar with that phrase as this isn’t something that’s done nearly as often anymore.

Our guest Heather Wayman joins us today to de-mystefy the routine and you’ll learn the routines place in our dance history as well as the ways we can adapt that to our dance practices today.


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