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Joy & Improv

Episode #16

Guest: Alia Thabit

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

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Alia's Contribution?

Effortless Improvisation

Want to improvise with joy and ease?

Scared to try? 


Improvisation is a central skill for belly dance. Yet few people teach it, relying instead on stylized choreographies and canned combinations. It’s time to get back to the real heart of the dance.


Wouldn’t you love to dance spontaneously in the moment? To let go? To truly feel the music! What a thrill, a delight to dance filled with the music. No thinking, just pure response, pure connection, pure joy.


Wait, can improvisation be taught? Isn’t it something you’re born with? How do you even begin to learn? 


Improvisation is a skill, and you can learn it. This class shows you how.


Dancers find relaxation and confidence with Alia’s methods. Both new and experienced improvisors gain fresh clarity.


So can you!



Effortless Improv: a 4-week online improvisation crash course


You can improvise. You can feel the music. It’s a skill, and you can learn it. Welcome to the glorious chaos of improvisation!

In This Episode

I learned SO much about improv from this interview, and I can’t wait for you to dive in. It’s given me a whole new view of not only improv’s place in this dance, but also HOW MANY things in our lives are improvised.

Sometimes you just have to put things in that context to make something way less scary.

Today's guest Alia has spent her whole career in this dance improvising, and she has so much knowledge to share.

You’ll learn why improv is embedded into the hear of this dance, why you should be more curious than anything else, and how leaving behind your expectations is the best thing you can do.

Though I’d argue that that last one is often great advice in both dance and life in general.


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