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The Sa'id

Episode #14

Guest: Sahra Kent

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Sahra's Contribution?

2 Live Lectures

Us dancing with Us: The dances of the Sa'id region

Just as Raqs Sharqi is not the only dance of Egypt, our common vision of Sa'idi dance, often portrayed as part of a glittering Raqs Sharqi performance, is not the only dance of the Sa'id region. Join Sahra for this new lecture where we cover the homestyle and local professional dances of the Sa'id region as they're done in Luxor.

Us dancing about Them: The portrayal of Sa'idi dances in Cairo and Beyond.

In this lecture, Sahra will cover the changes and embellishments that the Sai'di dance goes through on it's way to the stages of Cairo and around the world. What is fused and what elements are authentic? What are some of the myths and legends around Sa'idi dance as we see it? What can you do to bring it back to an authentic style? How to do the accepted Cairo/Sa'idi Performance Fusion.

In This Episode

Sahra Kent is the powerhouse behind Journey Through Egypt and today she joins us to get nerdy about the Sa’id.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s a region of Egypt, and where the dance you’ve heard of, Sa’idi, hails from. Sa’idi means of the Sa’id.

Don’t worry though, by the end of this podcast, you’ll know a lot more about this region!

We talk about the dances of the Sa'id, not only how they're portrayed in the hometowns and cities, but also how these dances are taken and portrayed to the rest of the world.

It's a fascinating talk that any dancer can use to help understand the nuances of dance as it migrates from one place to another.


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