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The Golden Age

Episode #13

Guest: Adriane Dellorco

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

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Adriane's Contribution?

Golden Era Grace & Glamour

Nobody brings out the grace and glamour of bellydance like the dancers of Egypt's Golden Era of cinema.  In this course, you will learn how to infuse your dance with the natural and joyful styles of legendary dancers Taheya Karioka and Samia Gamal.

You will discover the nuances of each dancer's signature style and bring their vintage flavor into your arm patterns, core movements, and traveling combinations.

Along with detailed instructional dance videos, you will also have access to an online presentation about Badia Masabni, the Golden Era club owner who revolutionized the presentation of bellydance, and a PDF with online resources about the Golden Era.

In This Episode

Are you in love with the Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema?

I think that most dancers are at some point in their journeys. Seeing these videos can inform a lot about our dance history, and provide a really interesting look into the time period that they were made.

Adriane has taken the time to break down some of these videos to bring to you the technique and the styles shown by the famous dancers of this age and turned them into a course.

So today she joins us to talk about some of the things that define the style of the Golden Age, and ways that you can break down these moves and incorporate them into your dance practice.


On The Web

Habibi Al Asmar

Unfortunately we couldn't find the whole film, but here are some clips at least! Let us know if you find a link!

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