Yallah Raqs 11 – Mao - The Bellydance Bundle

Costuming & Sewing

Episode #11

Guest: Mao Murakami

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

On Sale October 16th - 23rd

Mao's Contribution?

Make Your Dream Costume: Ultimate Beginner Belly Dance Costumer Crash Course

(Belly Dance Costume Workshop Modules 1-3)

Always wanted to make your own belly dance costumes? In this crash course, specially put together for the Bellydance Bundle from my flagship program Belly Dance Costume Workshop, you'll learn everything you need to know to start sewing your own belly dance costumes!

Specifically, you'll learn how to sew by hand and use a sewing machine, how to handle those tricky dancewear fabrics, and how to plan belly dance costume projects so your costume making journey is stress-free!

 Even if you've NEVER sewn before, after taking this crash course, you'll be able to confidently tackle any of my costume making tutorials and courses, and design and make your very own belly dance costumes!

PLUS, use the special coupon and get a big discount on DIY Applique Kits - Make your own sparkly appliques to decorate your costumes with!

In This Episode

As bellydancers we have a LOT in common, and one of those things?

A love for the costumes. Whether those be the sparkly kind, the fluffy kind, the elaborate kind, fake flowers, or rhinestones, we all fall in love with the costuming of our styles and of this dance.

Today’s guest Mao Murakami of TheSparklyBelly.com, has taken that love a bit further and has established an entire site that’s dedicated to helping dancers dream up and create their own costumes.

Even if you have no idea how to sew.

So today, Mao joins us to talk about how to incorporate that kind of maintenance, and creativity into your personal dance practice so that you’re not pulling an all nighter before the next hafla moving a hook.


If you've been wanting to improve the consistency of your practice, then join us for the #21daysofbellydance on Instagram and have some fun with our contributors to the 2019 Bellydance Bundle. 

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