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Bellydance Research 

Episode #10

Guest: nisaa

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Nisaa's Contribution?

Cairo for Belly Dance Historians: A Guide for Finding the Roots of Raqs Sharqi in Modern Cairo

The Egyptian concert dance now known as raqs sharqi emerged at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the urban centers of Cairo and Alexandria. 

The bustling entertainment halls of central Cairo provided particularly fertile ground for the development of this new, innovative dance style from earlier, traditional dance forms.  

In this lecture, Nisaa takes participants on a guided "tour" of the streets and neighborhoods that nurtured the emergence of raqs sharqi at the turn of the century, from Azbakiyah to Imad al-Din Street and beyond.  By comparing the modern Cairo landscape with late 19th and early 20th century sources, Nisaa illustrates the location of numerous venues of tremendous importance to the emergence and development of early raqs sharqi, even though some of the original structures have long since vanished.  

A great primer for belly dance historians planning a future trip to Cairo! All Bundle buyers receive both a link to download the lecture AND a link to download a PDF map of Cairo illustrating the locations discussed in the lecture!

In This Episode

Knowing the history and culture of our dance are so important. It’s so important in fact that it seems to have become a bit of a theme around here with these Bundle interviews. It comes up time and time again, and it’s great to hear in theory, but how do you put it into practice?

Research can be a four letter word to some of us. We don’t know where to start and it seems scary. I mean, who are we to take that on?

You’re a dancer, that’s who. You are perfectly poised to learn more about your dance.

In fact, you already are.

Nisaa joins us today to talk about the importance of research, how you can find your obsession, and why, whether you know it or not, you already are the thing you think is so scary.

Hello you researcher you, and welcome to the podcast.


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