Yallah Raqs 09 – Shahrzad - The Bellydance Bundle

Music & Musicality

Episode #9

Guest: Shahrzad

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

On Sale October 16th - 23rd

Shahrzad's Contribution?

Cairo Cabaret & Iconic Rhythms of Egypt with Marshall Bodiker

For the bundle Shahrzad is offering 2 albums which she has produced in Cairo with top musicians.

Cairo Cabaret is an excellent album for fans or Egyptian style, the music can be used for shows or class and have a huge range from baladi and shabby to oriental and tarab and more. 

Iconic Rhythms of Egypt focuses on all of the basic rhythms used in belly dance and also includes 2 tabla solos, it is an excellent resource for students looking to improve musicality and for teachers to drill in class. 

In This Episode

Music drives our dance. The music is what we aim to express with our bodies, it inspires us, and it is, a lot of times, what brings people into this dance.

To say it’s important would be a bit of an understatement.

Shahrzad has spent almost her whole life as a bellydancer, and now lives and performs in Cairo. She talks with us today about the importance of musicality, how she organizes her playlists, and some tips and tricks on how to make it part of your bones.


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