Yallah Raqs 08 – Mahin - The Bellydance Bundle

Anatomy & Exercise Science

Episode #8

Guest: Mahin

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Mahin's Contribution?

Practical Anatomy & Body Mechanics for Bellydance

Your body is an amazing piece of engineering, and as dancers we want to make the most of what it can do for our art! Grace, stability, power, clarity of movement… all of these improve when we learn more about our most important instrument.

This lecture will cover:

  • - 4 important aspects of movement mechanics that inform how we approach bellydance movement
  • - Head to toe – we’ll discuss and explore how to move more beautifully, and safely with key examples from Middle Eastern movement vocabulary

In This Episode

Having a working knowledge of your body can help you IMMENSELY in dance. It's all about working with your body instead of fighting against it.

Today's guest, Mahin, is a lifelong dancer who has also studied exercise science, and if you don't get up and move or at least adjust your posture once during this episode, I'll be surprised.

We talk about the importance of knowing basic anatomy, how descriptive teaching can have such a dramatic effect on students, and my personal favorite, The Glitter Theory.


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