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Khaleeji Dance

Episode 6

Guest: sahira

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Sahira's Contribution?

Khaleeji Inspired Drum Solo Choreography

It’s time to let down your hair and join Sahira for a wild and earthy Khaleeji-inspired drum solo choreography! 

In this course you will be taken comprehensively step by step through the technique and movement needed to create this 3 1/2 minute dance, from the basic footwork of the Khaleeji dance of the Arab Gulf, to sharp and isolated accents of the hips and chest, through the gorgeous and sensual hair-swinging movements the folk dance is famous for.

The online class is broken down into easy-to-follow segments that focus on technique first before putting together the individual combinations of the dance.  Each section is broken down clearly and then explained with counts and with music.

This class is perfect for dancers looking to level up their technique, learn a bit about the feel and movements of the Khaleeji Gulf dance or expand their drum solo repertoire.

Since all the technique needed for the choreography is included in the course, this class is accessible to Beginner through Advanced dancers.

In This Episode

You'll often come across Khaleeji breaks in bellydance music. But what should you do during them?

Khaleeji of course, if you have the skills!

Today, Sahira and I chat about how she's created a Khaleeji Drum Solo Choreography Class for this year's Bellydance Bundle.

We talk about the way that cross-training in Khaleeji has influenced Sahira's personal style, and could affect yours, and of course one of the best ways to do research on this amazing dance.

So join us today for some hair-tossing fun as we talk about this dance form that has captivated bellydancers around the world.


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