Yallah Raqs 05 – Victoria Teel - The Bellydance Bundle

Your Dance Goals

Episode 5

Guest: victoria teel

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

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Victoria's Contribution?

Achieve Your Dance Goals & VT Technique

Achieve Your Dance Goals 

After years of working through many dance goals for herself and her
mentorship students, Victoria has developed a system to make your dance dreams a reality. In this four-part course, Victoria covers how to break down your dance dreams, schedule your practices within your busy schedule, and how to stay motivated during the process.

Each class has a worksheet Victoria walks you through for easy understanding & to get you working on your goals. She also shares tips throughout the course on what has worked for her and others.

Value- $50

VT Technique Practice
Description- Get ready to sweat! This four part course is packed with muscle building drills Victoria uses daily to strengthen her technique. She teaches ways to develop not only your stamina and grace but also your layering and traveling skills. The classes advance in difficulty so when your ready for a new challenge, there is one for you!

Value- $55

In This Episode

When you think about what you want to focus on in your dance, do you use the word “should?”

I should work on my veil because everyone does a veil piece right? I should practice more because people tell me it’s good for me. I should learn that style of dance. I should, I should, I should.

Well today, you’re going to learn why you should stop with that.

Today’s guest, Victoria, has made it one of her goals to help you figure out yours.

And she’s got a whole course that she’s putting into the 2019 Bellydance Bundle about it.

 But for today, we’re talking about why goal setting is so important, some of the roadblocks we run into as dancers, and of course, some practical tips that you can take to your expectations of yourself as soon as you’re done listening


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