Yallah Raqs 03 – Oreet - The Bellydance Bundle

Fitness & Bellydance

Episode 3

Guest: Oreet @ Shar qui

Episode Sponsored by The Bellydance Bundle

On Sale October 16th - 23rd

Oreet's Contribution?

SharQui Platinum Collection!

Expressive Expansion Instructional video ($27 value)


  • Want to know how Oreet can look 6 feet tall on stage while only being 4’11 tall? (shhh…don’t tell) Dig deeper into your connection and dance with the whole body while working on two concepts - Expression and Expansion. You will learn 2 stage ready combos that utilize length, weight shifts, strength and balance. These combos can be easily incorporated into your own movement vocabulary. For all dancers.  

Intermediate SharQui Workout video ($15 value)

  • Sculpt your dance and your muscles with an Intermediate SharQui Bellydance Workout. Oreet expands on the basic moves and introduces more intricate ones while increasing the intensity. You’ll be Shaking your Beauty from the start.

 2 FREE SharQui Music Albums ($40 value)

  • Get moving with club, Arabic and other world beats. SharQui’s funky flavor of non-stop fitness music will get you moving from the start for all types of classes! All albums are formatted in 32 counts.

 First month FREE SharQui TV unlimited streaming subscription ($9.97 value)

  • SharQui TV is the place for strength building and energy-boosting bellydance workouts. It’s available to stream on all your devices, so you have an entire fitness regimen at your fingertips. This workout is for everyone! You’ll learn real bellydance routines while you get 

In This Episode

Can you imagine being raised with Bellydance and not liking it at all, only to find it again as an adult and make it your career?

That's exactly how Oreet found her way to being the founder of SharQui: The Bellydance Workout which has been featured on more media outlets that we have space to name right now!

SharQui focuses on bridging the gap that can sometimes exist between fitness and dance, and today we dive into how you can incorporate more fitness into your dance as a dance teacher OR a student, and how offering a fitness class like SharQui can be a big draw for those of who either own studios or teach regular classes.


If you've been wanting to improve the consistency of your practice, then join us for the #21daysofbellydance on Instagram and have some fun with our contributors to the 2019 Bellydance Bundle. 

New exercises & drills uploaded every day from September 28th to October 19th!

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