What's Included - The Bellydance Bundle

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The sale is over for 2017. Listed below are the courses that were part of the bundle for 2017. It was an amazing compilation and we hope to bring you even more value in 2018!

[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”2 Live Lectures on Research Practices – Exclusive to Buyers” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Sahra-Product.png”]By Sahra Saeeda

Sahra will be leading two lectures live, “Getting Started with your Dance Ethnology Research” & “My Experience Researching in the Sa’idi Region,” exclusively for Bundle buyers. These lectures are aimed at helping you create your own research practice around the portions of this dance form that you’re the most interested in. Held live in late October you’ll be able to ask any questions you have directly to Sahra. If you can’t attend live, recordings will be available.

Read more about Sahra’s Research at Journey Through Egypt


[one_third] [service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”How to Build a Sustainable Practice Habit Online Course – Premium Edition” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Nadira-Product.png”]

By Nadira Jamal

This 9-week online course will help you break the “feast or famine” practice cycle, and make practice a consistent part of your life. You’ll gradually ramp up your practice over 9 weeks, find your real motivation, and reduce friction so you can get started. The home-study edition includes: 9-week email course, recordings of Q&A calls from previous live courses, and an invitation to the course’s alumni Facebook group.
Read more about the program here.



[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”SharQui Level 1 + How to Teach Bellydance Fitness” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Oreet-Product.png”]By Oreet

SharQuí is a belly dance fitness format for people who simply want to have fun and feel good while working out! This class will not only strengthen and tone your body, it will also burn fat, tighten your core, and increase your posture and circulation!

How to Teach a Bellydance Fitness Class” workshop – In this class, you’ll learn what differentiates a fitness-based class from a technique-based class and the components to create a class that keeps your students coming back for more![/service_box][/one_third_last]

[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Sadie Online Choreo or Drills Package” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Sadie-Product.png”]By Sadie Marquardt

Sadie has a TON of online classes available, and she’s generously offered us a coupon worth $48.00 to use on her bundles. You may choose from her following offerings:


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Deb Rubin Online Sampler” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Deb-Product.png”]By Deb Rubin

Deb has put a mix of her specialties into a package just for us! You’ll get all of the below:

  • Morning Yoga: Rise and Shine
  • A Neck & Shoulder Opening Dance Therapeutics Practice
  • Tribal Skills: A Flow Class Experience
  • Fluid Slinky Upper Body Patterns, layered over Rhythmic Hips
  • Elegant Arms – Part 1
  • Traveling 3/4 Shimmy and Layer Variations – Part 1
  • AND some previews of her Integrative Anatomy for Dancers course which is currently discounted on her site!
  • Check out the package to read more about any of the above courses!


[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Musicality for Dancers” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Keti-Product.png”] By Keti Sharif

Keti Sharif presents 4 video seminars with a 50-page ebook – clips of music-movement research in Cairo, and a recent worldwide survey. Learn to identify a variety of Arabic musical instruments, compositional styles, cultural genres, and how they influence improvisation & choreography. The video seminars include:


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Dina Bra from Scratch Premium & Belly Dance Costume Workshop Preview” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Mao-Product.png”]By Mao Murakami

Make your own Dina Bra that fits you perfectly, regardless of your bra size! By the end of the course, you’ll have a soft and comfortable Dina Bra, covered professionally and seamlessly with fabric of your choice and complete with sturdy and stretchy side straps to make the fit even better. With the premium version, you also get a host of extras that make the process even more seamless. You’ll also get a special preview of Mao’s Bellydance Costume Workshop that runs only a couple of times a year and teaches you to make your own complete costume!

Read more about Mao’s Dina course here


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Dance Dynamics and Digital Dance Dynamic Practice Cards” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Amity-Product.png”]By Amity Alize

Learn Amity Alize’s teaching method of creating dances, regardless of whether you improvise, choreograph, block out your performances, or dance in your kitchen. Perfect for dancers who know 5 or 500 movements! Try a new method of mixing up your dance practice with these amazing Dance Dynamic Cards. They are divided into three areas of drilling and exploration: movements, dynamics, and emotions. Provided in a print-at-home format!

Read more about this course and the Dance Dynamic Cards here.


[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Full On with ¾ Shimmies! – 2 Hour Long Course” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Mahin-Product.png”]By Mahin

Mahin, creator of the internationally-acclaimed “Bellydance Quickies,” presents crisp precise hip skills that will bring exciting complexity to your bellydance. 3/4 shimmies can punctuate the strong rhythms of a drum solo or provide textural contrast to our larger, soft and flowing movement for melodic passages.
In this lesson, Mahin will take you from basic isolations to traveling 3/4 shimmies and beyond to full dance combinations.

Read more about this course here.


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Midnight at the Crossroads: Has Belly Dance Sold its Soul” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Alia-Product.png”]By Alia Thabit

This book makes the case for Oriental dance not only as a beautiful dance, but also one that is soul-enriching, and spirit-healing–a legitimate mind-body practice that equals (and in some ways surpasses), yoga, tai-chi, sitting meditation, etc., in its effectiveness and power. This book is a love letter to the dance that has nourished me for forty years. It is a manifesto, the conclusions to which I have come over four decades of devotion to this dance. It is for those who want something deep and real. It is given as a beacon of light, welcoming dancers home to the soul of their beloved dance.

Read more about this awesome project here


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Zills: Music On Your Fingertips PDF Download” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Dawn-Product.png”]By Dawn Divine

This book is written for the belly dancer who’s looking for concepts, ideas, and information that will help them take their zill playing to the next level. This book is broken down into six sections that focus on different aspects of the zill playing process. Learn about the history, the main approaches to playing the zills, breakdowns of the popular drum rhythms (with charts!), how to care for your zills, and best ways to store them.

Read more about this essential volume here.


[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Communication Skills for On and Off the Stage Online Workshop” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Terri-Product.png”]By Terri Allred

Dancers are constantly communicating on the stage. In improvisational dance, our steps are words, our cues are punctuation, and each dancer who leads the group forms sentences. Each sentence spoken by the lead dancer is woven with the sentences spoken by the next lead dancer to tell a story for the audience. Even in choreographed dance, the rules of communication are clear while on stage. Off the stage can be a different story…

Read more about this course here.


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”The Fez Documentary & Fez Vinyl Digital Download ” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Roxanne-Product.png”]By Roxxanne Shelaby

Opened in 1959 in Hollywood, the legendary Fez not only became a center for the Arabic community in Southern California, but a catalyst for Arab music and dance going on to inspire generations of musicians and dancers well beyond Los Angeles.

This project intends to document a piece of Arab Music and Dance history, the cultural center that The Fez became for the Arab community and those drawn to the beauty and richness of the Arab culture AND the nostalgia of old Hollywood!

Read more here


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Classical Persian Dance Level 1 & Contemporary Persian Ballet Volume 1″ icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Shahrazad-Product.png”]By Shahrzad Khorsandi

The “Classical Persian Dance Level 1” is a 30-minute lesson that introduces the Persian style of dancing, with emphasis on posture, position and movement of the arms and hands, and rhythmic foot patterns. The “Contemporary Persian Ballet Volume 1” is a 40-minute lesson intended for the intermediate/advanced dancer. This lesson introduces a unique genre of Persian dance. It emphasizes the combination of rhythmic foot patterns with fluid movement transitions, highlighting body line and the harmonization of whole body movement with music.

Read more about Persian dance here.


[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Delicious Pauses & Bonus Hands & Arms Intensive Lesson” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Rosa-Product.png”]By Rosa Noreen

This innovative belly dance class covers the often-overlooked element of stillness in dance that adds texture, surprise, and emotion to a performance. When melded with your music, those pauses (sudden and brief or gooey as molasses) keep your audience on the edge of their seats! Rosa will teach you concepts and methodology, reinforced by combos and exercises toward an exploration of negative space in movement. You’ll also receive a bonus lesson from Rosa’s Hands & Arms intensive focusing on alignment and muscle use!

Read more about Delicious Pauses here, and Rosa’s Hands & Arms intensive here.


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Bellydance: The Next Steps, Volume 1 – Bridge Beginner and Intermediate” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Farha-Product.png”]By Farha

This volume will cover how to drill and create muscle memory, how to prioritize your practice time and pick which topics to focus on, and rhythms and finger cymbals! Not only that, but it includes bonus features that cover sample practice schedules, a micro-history of belly dance styles, and how to tell if you’re ready to perform!

Read more about Farha’s DVD series here.


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”The Bellydance Competition Handbook & Shimmies on the Downs” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Jennifer-Product.png”]By Jennifer

Get ready to learn the secrets to competition success, get answers to your most sought out questions, and obtain a blunt look into what you can expect when preparing for a contest! This book will help you improve your score and support your community. In addition, you will also get Jennifer’s wildly popular shimmy lesson & bonus mini session.These lessons specifically target an overused muscle group that is not given the credit or attention it deserves to improve your downward shimmies.

Read more about The Competition Handbook, and Shimmy on the Downs.

[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Miguel Drum Solo 16 Class Choreo Package” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Karen-Product.png”]By Karen Barbee
With movement choices that span the spectrum as equally as Miguel’s rhythm selections, the “Miguel Drum
Solo” is an advanced choreography in Karen’s signature American Cabaret style. The drum solo itself is 5:17 in length, taught over 16 video lessons using the drum solo at various speeds to reinforce technique AND make use of the brilliant chart of base rhythms and variations that Miguel prepared.

Read more about Karavan here.


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Live Lecture Exclusive to Buyers” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Nisaa-Product.png”]By Nisaa – Heather Ward

This lecture will be held live in early November for everyone who purchased the Bellydance Bundle. We’ll explore how developments in popular entertainment and performance space in Cairo impacted the evolution of belly dance and ultimately gave rise to what we now recognize as raqs sharqi. Most aficionados of Egyptian belly dance are aware of Badia Masabni and her famous night clubs, and without a doubt, Badia’s clubs occupy an important place in the history of raqs sharqi. However, Badia’s clubs were neither the first nor the only venues of their kind. We’ll pay special atention to the sala El Dorado, one of the better-documented entertainment halls from the pre-Badia Masabni era.

Check out more about Nisaa’s research here

[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Little Book of Big Advice” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Tava-Product.png”]By Tava Naiyin

Little Book of Big Advice: Enlightening Ideas for Belly Dance Professionals is an essential read for dancers who may be considering a transformation from hobbyist to professional. In this book, readers can expect information about costume purchasing and care, performance etiquette, general do’s and don’ts, how to get the most out of practice, staying inspired, juggling art vs. commerce, and more! Anyone who is considering a career in dance or the performing arts will come away with useful information to help them make informed choices and avoid costly mistakes.

Read more here.


[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”30% Off One Order Coupon” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Turquoise-Product.png”]By Turquoise International
Value:$5.00 – $100.00+

Turquoise International, established in Chicago in 1972, has made its name as the premier manufacturer of finger cymbals for the Oriental Dancer. Today Turquoise supplies dancers all over the world with costumes from Egypt, fringe, finger cymbals, and various dance accouterments. As a special offer to bundle buyers, you will get a coupon good for 30% off ONE order! So if you’ve been looking to stock up on some props, or a brand new costume, now is the time! Coupon expires on November 7th, 2017
Visit Turquoise International to browse their selection and see what’s possible!


The Sale is over for 2023, but we can still hang out