What's Included 2019 - The Bellydance Bundle

[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”One Month of Raqs Online” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Sadie2019.png”]By Sadie

Learn the art of Raqs Sharqi(Bellydance) and so much more.

We serve by bringing movement modalities of dance, fitness, wellness and beyond to people and communities globally! With over a hundred classes in the catalog and 10 classes being added every month, membership is always increasing in value. Now you can literally Raqs from anywhere, anytime!


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”One Live Online Class” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Aziza2019.png”]By Aziza

**Use by Jan 2020**

Aziza offers live and interactive online group classes from her home studio in Montreal.

Classes are live 15 minutes before class time to check your connection and chat with Aziza and the other students.

Classes include conditioning, drills, technique, posture, arms, veil, shimmies, traveling steps and combinations! I look forward to dancing with you![/service_box][/one_third]

[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Raise Your Stage Presence” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Ranya2019.png”]By Ranya Renee

**Limited Access**

This live online webinar delivered in February 2020 (recorded), will give you the mindset tools to proceed towards a more impactful onstage presence.

Ranya will be sharing a model for building your stage presence through understanding your role onstage and understanding your relationship to your audience… on ANY stage, and how you can create the stage itself, as well as your presence on it, using a combination of mental and physical tools.

[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Achieve Your Dance Goals & Technique Practice” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Victoria2019.png”]By Victoria Teel

This package brings together Victoria’s Goal setting to help break down your dance dream and get working on your goals including what worked for her and others.

In addition you’ll also be getting some of Victoria’s signature technique so get ready to sweat! This course is packed with muscle-building drills Victoria uses daily to strengthen her technique. The classes advance in difficulty so when you’re ready for a new challenge, there is one for you!


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”2 Live Lectures –
Inside & Outside the Sa’id” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Sahra2019.png”]By Sahra Kent

**Recordings available**

Just as Raqs Sharqi is not the only dance of Egypt, our common vision of Sa’idi dance, often portrayed as part of a glittering Raqs Sharqi performance, is not the only dance of the Sa’id region. Join Sahra for these new lectures where she covers the dance from the homestyle to the stages of Cairo and beyond.

Us dancing with Us: The dances of the Sa’id region
Us dancing about Them: The portrayal of Sa’idi dances in Cairo and Beyond.


[one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”2 Live Lectures –
Raqs Sharqi Soul & Style” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Morrocco2019.png”]By Morocco

**Recordings Available for limited time**

Morocco brings you almost 60 years of experience in the dance space to talk about the soul and style of Raqs Sharqi through two live, online lectures

Chasing the Phantom”: Discovering & Uncovering the Soul of (Your) Raqs Sharqi & Raqs Shaabi
Are There Really Stylistic Differences in Raqs Sharqi? If so, what are they? Clarifying the Bigger Picture of MENAT dance (What, Exactly, IS MENAT Dance?)

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[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Egyptian Ethnic Costume Seminar” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Keti2019.png”]By Keti Sharif

A Sphinx Festival seminar by Ethnologist and University lecturer, Shahira Mehrez. She has spent over 40 years archiving the increasingly disappearing provincial and region-specific clothing styles that reflect the rich cultural roots, artistry and identity of Egyptian women.

Learn about traditional Egyptian women’s clothing and textile traditions from various regions:
Nubia, Upper Egypt, Middle Egypt, Delta, Sinai & Siwa.

Shahira’s knowledge of the regional costumes of Egypt is unsurpassed, and it provides a quality educational resource.


[one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”SharQui Platinum Collection” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Oreet2019.png”]By Oreet

Sharqui brings fitness and bellydance together, and with Oreet’s collection you’ll have a little bit of everything to try out. From digging deeper to dance with the whole body to music and moves to have you sweating on the dance floor. There’s something here for everyone.

  • Expressive Expansion Instructional video ($27 value)
  • Intermediate SharQui Workout video ($15 value)
  • FREE SharQui Music Albums ($40 value)
  • First month FREE SharQui TV unlimited streaming subscription ($9.97 value)

    [one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Musicality & Style Series” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/AmandaRose2019.png”]By Amanda Rose

    In this series we will focus on musicality and technique for American Cabaret and Egyptian styles. We will learn technique and combinations for each style, discussing differences, crossover, and similarities, while making the musicality approach a prominent aspect of the process. Techniques covered will include shimmies, hip work, chest work, turns, traveling moves as well as style specific flare moves. This series is great for those who want to understand better the differences between these two styles and make more informed choices when choreographing or performing. Each class will include a detailed musicality process.

    **Access Through Jan 2020**


    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Cairo Cabaret & Iconic Rhythms of Egypt Digital CD’s” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Shahrzad2019.png”]By Shahrzad

    For the bundle Shahrzad is offering 2 albums which she has produced in Cairo with top musicians.

    Cairo Cabaret are excellent albums for fans or Egyptian style, the music can be used for shows or class and have a huge range from baladi and shabby to oriental and tarab and more.

    Iconic Rhythms of Egypt focuses on all of the basic rhythms used in belly dance and also includes 2 tabla solos, it is an excellent resource for students looking to improve musicality and for teachers to drill in class.


    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Khaleeji-Inspired
    Drum Solo” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Sahira2019.png”]By Sahira

    It’s time to let down your hair! In this course you will be taken comprehensively step by step through the technique and movement needed to create this 3 1/2 minute dance, from the basic footwork of the Khaleeji dance of the Arab Gulf, to sharp and isolated accents of the hips and chest, through the gorgeous and sensual hair-swinging movements the folk dance is famous for. The online class is broken down into easy-to-follow segments that focus on technique first before putting together the individual combinations of the dance. Since all the technique needed for the choreography is included in the course, this class is accessible to Beginner through Advanced dancers.


    [one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Effortless Improvisation
    4 week course” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Alia2019.png”]By Alia Thabit

    Improvisation is a central skill for belly dance. Yet few people teach it, relying instead on stylized choreographies and canned combinations. It’s time to get back to the real heart of the dance.

    To truly feel the music! What a thrill, a delight to dance filled with the music. No thinking, just pure response, pure connection, pure joy. Improvisation is a skill, and you can learn it. This class shows you how.

    Dancers find relaxation and confidence with Alia’s methods. Both new and experienced improvisers gain fresh clarity.

    You can improvise. You can feel the music. It’s a skill, and you can learn it. Welcome to the glorious chaos of improvisation!


    Only on Sale for One Week Only!

    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”The History of Finger Cymbals: From Antiquity till Today” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Dawn2019.png”]By Dawn Devine

    Join Davina aka Dawn Devine, art historian and author of “Zills: Music on Your Fingertips” for an hour-long presentation tracing the history of finger cymbals.

    During this talk, Davina will share primary source images from to document the creation and use of finger cymbals.

    Talk includes a handout with resource links and further reading.


    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Make Your Dream Costume: Ultimate Beginner Crash Course ” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Mao2019.png”]By Mao Murakami

    Always wanted to make your own costumes? In this crash course (from Modules 1-3 of Mao’s flagship program Belly Dance Costume Workshop), you’ll learn everything you need to know to start sewing your own belly dance costumes! Specifically, you’ll learn how to sew by hand and use a sewing machine, how to handle those tricky dancewear fabrics, and how to plan projects so your costume making journey is stress-free! Even if you’ve NEVER sewn before, after taking this crash course, you’ll be able to confidently tackle any of my DIY costume tutorials, and make your very own costumes!

    [one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Practical Anatomy & Body Mechanics for Bellydance” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Mahin2019.png”]By Mahin

    Your body is an amazing piece of engineering, and as dancers we want to make the most of what it can do for our art! Grace, stability, power, clarity of movement… all of these improve when we learn more about our most important instrument.

    • This lecture will cover:
    • 4 important aspects of movement mechanics that inform how we approach bellydance movement
    • Head to toe – we’ll discuss and explore how to move more beautifully, and safely with key examples from Middle Eastern movement vocabulary


    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Sexy
    Hip Circles” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Myra2019.png”]By Myra Krien

    Learn the signature hip circles of the greatest dancers in the history of our art: Samia Gamal, Nadia Gamal, Fifi Abdou, Sohair Zeiki, and others.

    In this DVD Myra will breakdown 11 different hip circles, as well as provide instruction in anatomical technique, posture, support exercises and stretching.


    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Overcome Self Doubt &
    Build Self Confidence” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Terri2019.png”]By Terri Allred

    Become a Bad-Ass Bellydancer.

    Does self-doubt prevent you from taking risks? From achieving your dreams? From success?

    Join Terri as she explores 10 strategies for overcoming self-doubt and taking action to achieve your dreams. Hear from leaders in our international dance community as they share stories of how they overcame their own self-doubt.
    Learn and practice practical steps to take action and become a bad-ass at whatever you desire.


    [one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Rock the Routine Home Study Course – Premium Version” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/HeatherWayman2019.png”]By Heather Wayman

    By the end of this 7-week, email course, you’ll know exactly what to expect in a full routine, what the audience expects of you, and how to deliver it in the moment.

    • In this program you’ll learn about the structure & process, coming away with an understanding of:
    • The Traditional Aesthetics
    • The psychology
    • How to improvise each section
    • How to adapt the full routine for shorter shows
    • 18 must-know songs


    Sale Starts Oct 16!

    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Cairo for
    Belly Dance Historians” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/HeatherWard2019.png”]By Nisaa

    A Guide for Finding the Roots of Raqs Sharqi in Modern Cairo

    The Egyptian concert dance now known as raqs sharqi emerged at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the urban centers of Cairo and Alexandria. The bustling entertainment halls of central Cairo provided particularly fertile ground for the development of this new, innovative dance style from earlier, traditional dance forms. In this lecture, Nisaa takes participants on a guided “tour” of the streets and neighborhoods that nurtured the emergence of raqs sharqi at the turn of the century, from Azbakiyah to Imad al-Din Street and beyond.


    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”A Dancer’s Hands & Arms
    4 Week Online Intensive” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Rosa2019.png”]By Rosa Noreen

    Floppy arms? Pointy elbows? Helicopter hands?

    Let’s fix ’em! Join this 4-week online intensive and overcome these challenges. You’ll develop graceful arms, beautiful hands, strong back muscles, and gorgeous lines, plus bonus veil skills!

    You’ll get 3 lessons per week for 4 weeks via email, with written info supported by detailed technique and drill videos. Access the materials online, any time, from anywhere in the world, on your schedule.

    [one_third_last][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”52 Lesson Plans, and How to Write 5,000 More” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Sara2019.png”]By Sara Shrapnell

    Here are 52 lesson plans that you can use for your beginner or mixed ability level classes for a full year. My aim is to help you if you are new to teaching belly dance, or if you struggle to come up with a formal plan for each of your lessons.
    In the spirit of “Teach a man to fish” – I will also be sharing with you the formula that I use to create lesson plans, so that you can go forward with lesson plans that better suit your students or your teaching style, lessons for more advanced students and lessons that suit your own dance philosophy.



    [one_third][service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”Golden Era Grace & Glamour” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Adriane_2019.png”]By Adriane Dellorco

    Nobody brings out the grace and glamour of bellydance like the dancers of Egypt’s Golden Era of cinema. In this course, you will learn how to infuse your dance with the natural and joyful styles of legendary dancers Taheya Karioka and Samia Gamal. You will discover the nuances of each dancer’s signature style and bring their vintage flavor into your arm patterns, core movements, and traveling combinations.

    Along with detailed instructional dance videos, you will also have access to an online presentation about Badia Masabni, the Golden Era club owner who revolutionized the presentation of bellydance.



    [service_box animation=”fadeInUp” title=”BONUS: Email Guidance” icon=”https://thebellydancebundle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Bundle-2019-Email.jpg”]
    Value: Invaluable

    We’ll be checking in with you via Email every week, bi-weekly, or monthly as you wish!

    Choose which course you’re going to work on next, and let us know, and you’ll get emails custom made to help guide you through the bundle at the pace that you want to consume it.

    Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve designed a path through the materials that allows you to take advantage of everything!

    **Any item with this next to the Value denotes that these courses are available have some sort of time limitation on them. While many of our classes are available for unlimited access once they have been redeemed, a couple of items are only available for a limited time after purchase due to the way that those contributors run their online classes. More information can be found in our FAQ section

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