Waiting List 2021 Thank You - The Bellydance Bundle

I CANNOT wait to jump into the Bundle with you!

Our sale starts on October 20th and goes through Oct 27th.

While you can only buy the Bundle for this one week, you'll be experiencing the classes through August 2022!

And did you know some of the classes even have lifetime access?!

Check out the Bundle course lists below! We've split them into dance & lecture so that you can more easily find what you're looking for!

The 2021 Bundle Course Lists


Payment Plan

$4,308 USD

$90 USD/month

for 5 months

Take your time & Spread it out

  • All the same classes as our single payment option are included
  • Access to all Live Classes & Recordings as they happen
  • Pre-recorded content delivered after each payment
  • Easy on your wallet installments happen automatically once a month

On Sale October 20 - 27th

We'll let you know the second it's available!

Single Payment

$4,308 USD

$395 USD

Take advantage of our best deal

  • All Dance AND Lecture Content (there's just one bundle this year!)
  • over 90% off the list price of purchasing these classes individually
  • 63 courses from teachers all over the world
  • Over 150 hours of learning, spread out over the next 8 months
  • A variety of class formats to help you learn
  • Recordings available for all live events
  • Lifetime access for over 20 of our courses
  • Less than $3 per hour of instruction

On Sale October 20 - 27th

We'll let you know the second it's available!

What to do while you wait?

While you wait for the sale to start, join us for the #21daysofbellydance challenge (you can join in anytime) or have a listen to our podcast, Yallah Raqs where we interview our Bundle teachers on the subjects of their classes!