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Egyptian Dance: Authenticity versus Globalization

with Dr. Sherifa Zuhur (Samrah)

May 15th @ 12pm EDT

đź•“See in your timezoneđź•—

Globalization, underway since the 1920s and which accelerated since the 1990s has radically transformed dance performances, their settings, purpose, music, audiences, appearance and dance technique. Mostly, this has transformed raqs sharqi, as dancers outside of Egypt have primarily treated other forms of Egyptian dance as variety acts, or sub-specializations. Raqs sharqi as now performed, does not bear much resemblance to the historical versions we see in Egyptian cinema from the 1960s.

Following the sahwa (the Islamic revival), that began in 1979, many Egyptian women exited the entertainment profession due to social pressure and preachers calling for them to repent. Increasingly, nightclubs closed, weddings no longer routinely featured raqs sharqi and foreign dancers were hired. Foreign dancers also impacted the international teaching scene, where Egyptian performers compete with them, but must also cater to hobbyist sensibilities. Now we have reached a stage where some dancers still perceive Egypt as the true source of raqs sharqi, whereas others do not even use or understand Arabic music, and are unaware of the many cultural factors shaping the dance.

35 USD

2 Week Recording Included


Bellydance & Queer Politics

with Dancing Queer a.k.a. Shrouk El-Attar

Recording Only

A workshop covering the past and present of belly dance and how it ties into queer politics đź’ś

Shrouk El-Attar (She/They) performs as a belly dancer in an act called "Dancing Queer" to raise funds for legal defense fees for LGBT people in Egypt, and to help with relocation for those persecuted and at risk because of their gender or sexuality.

They were awarded the Young Woman of the Year award by the United Nations 2018, BBC named her in the list of 100 most influential women in the world 2018, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) named her in the top 6 young engineers in the UK 2019.

45 USD

1 Month Recording Included

Mirror Mirror

a.k.a. How to Get Over the "I Can't Watch Myself on Video" Syndrome

with Aaliyah Jenny

April 23rd @ 4pm EDT

đź•“See in your timezoneđź•—

Mirror Mirror - a.k.a. how to get over the "I can't watch myself on video" syndrome. Aaliyah Jenny will share what she looks for in her own daily practice videos honed from daily improv throughout her breast cancer treatment, surgery & recovery. Improve your performance through personal critique methods used by Aaliyah Jenny. Learn to identify your strengths & areas needing attention. Become your own best coach! This workshop will be an analysis of your movement, intention & performance.

Please bring a form of video recording device, pen & paper and a willingness to explore your growth as a performer!

50 USD

1 Month Recording Included

The Art Of Being You

with Christine Yaven

May 9th @ 10 AM EDT

đź•“See in your timezoneđź•—

The Art of Being YOU! Expore your 'Authentic Self' with Christine Yaven.

Special Lecture and demonstration working on finding your authentic dance persona. Improvisation skills, musicality and practical exercises, that help you discover or develop your own style 

40 USD

1 Month Recording Included

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