Upcoming Classes - The Bellydance Bundle

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If you didn't join us for the Bundle in 2023 we will be opening registration for some of our classes soon! Dates and registration information will be added here shortly.

Upcoming Classes

Oriental style


Sahar Samara

Work on your Oriental technique and learn a beautiful oriental-style choreography with Cairo superstar Sahar Samara!

Live Class w/ Recording

available for 1 month

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 100 USD

Shaabi STyling & Combos



You’ve heard of Shaabi, but you’re ready to learn more? We’ll start with a quick lecture on Shaabi basics: the meaning of the word, the origins and evolution of this dance style, plus its cultural significance. That will be followed by an explanation of the movements and techniques that define Shaabi. Finally, it will all culminate in a workshop where you will learn 2-3 short choreographies. These will not be intensive, but rather, will be designed to give you a taste of Shaabi flavors. After which, we are sure you’ll be hooked! 

Live Class w/ recording

available for 1 month

Length - 2.5 Hours

Value - 75 USD

Sa'idi fun


Ahmed Refaat

Through this class & choreography, you will learn the differences between Sa'idi for bellydancers vs. dancing as a folk dancer, the basic steps and foundations of the style, including assaya technique culminating in a Sa'idi choreography.

Live Class w/ Recording

available for 3 months

Length -  2 hours

Value - 70 USD

The Sale is over for 2023, but we can still hang out