A Bundle of Lectures on MENAT dance & related topics!

In addition to the movement that is so pivotal to our dance, our knowledge as just as important to augment. This year we have a slew of lectures that will be given over the next 8 months. We'll be forming our own little community of learners!

With this Bundle you'll be learning more, even off the dance floor

On Sale October 21st - 28th

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Check out some of the teachers that will be providing lecture content for this year's bundle, lectures will be announced shortly! These lectures will be given over several months.

Sahra Kent

With a Master’s in Dance Ethnology, Sahra has devoted her life to the study of the dances of Egypt and has been either living, or traveling to Egypt to research for over 30 years.Currently, she presents her findings through Journey Through Egypt, an intensive study course spanning 4 levels that is taught all over the world and the Journey Through Egypt Archive, a kickstarted project aimed at presenting her raw research footage to the public. Expanding into the online space, Sahra hopes to bring her knowledge to even more dancers around the globe.

Mao Murakami


Mao Murakami is the founder of Sparkly Belly, an online belly dance costuming resource, where belly dancers can learn to sew and DIY their own costumes, even if they are new to sewing!
She turned her love of belly dance and costumes into one website with the goal to empower belly dancers with sewing and DIY skills, and help them feel beautiful and confident on stage. What’s belly dancing without sparkly costumes that celebrate your uniquely beautiful body?


Esraa Warda


Esraa Warda is a performance and teaching artist that preserves and transmits traditional Moroccan and Algerian dance forms. She is a firm advocate in the power of intergenerational transmission, women-led traditions, and decolonizing euro-centricity, Orientalism, and oppressed bodies in dance.  
Warda, meaning "rose" in Arabic, is a rebellious spirit who challenges patriarchy and misogyny towards women dancers in her community and also neo-colonialist impositions on North African culture. She is a cultural warrior driving North African dance styles out of the margins and into the global dance and culture scene.


Dawn Devine


Dawn Devine aka Davina is an author, costume designer, and historian. She’s published more than a dozen books on belly dance and costume including the best-selling DIY costume instructional “Embellished Bras” and the seminal book on assiut, “The Cloth of Egypt.” Davina presents classes and workshops on costuming, dance and design in person and online. She blogs weekly on her website and is active on her Facebook group, “Studio Davina, Behind the Seams.”



With 58+ years assimilating /performing/ teaching MENAT dances internationally, Morocco  has received numerous awards & accolades in her field. She is also a published author with her two books, “You Asked Aunt Rocky: Answers & Advice About Raqs Sharqi & Raqs Shaabi” & “The Fundamental Movement Vocabulary of Raqs Sharqi (Oriental Dance)”. Morocco directed /choreographed for her dance company, Morocco & the Casbah Dance Experience, for over 32 years. Her articles have been published internationally since 1965.

Dancing Queer (by Shrouk El-Attar)


Dancing Queer الراقصة المثلية (By Shrouk El-Attar)

What's that? Belly dancers should have long hair and shave their legs and underarms?

Well, not this one! Multi award winner including from the United Nations as Young Woman of the Year 2018, named by the BBC Top 100 Most Influential Women in the world 2018, and even by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) as the top 6 young engineers in the UK 2019, this Egyptian bearded queer refugee will give you a very authentic performance with a twist! As seen on Pink News, BBC, Reuters, BuzzFeed, Huffpost, and more!

Terri Allred - BDBA


Terri Allred is the Co-Owner of the Belly Dance Business Academy She is the Co-Founder and Co-Producer of ATS® Reunion, an annual international American Tribal Style conference.  She has published a book, I Belly Dance Because: The Transformative Power of Dance  and a DVD, ATS® with Props.  She has 30 years of experience consulting with nonprofits and small businesses through Terri Allred Consulting.  She is also a jewelry designer who integrates her training as a Reiki Master into her work.  Terri’s designs, adornment for energetic balance, are available on Etsy.


Aaliyah Jenny


Aaliyah Jenny aka Jenny Cohen is an eternal student known for her autobiographical fusion performances that incorporate her fascination with hip hop, contemporary and Arabic dance & music to speak to universal themes and life challenges. She holds degrees in Psychology (B.A.) and Occupational Therapy (M.S). AJ currently teaches Datura Style, Sharqui Workout & Aaliyah Jenny Transnational Fusion and holds the 2019 Ms Essence (GA) Fusion title. She is also the person behind the non profit 501c event, Raw Epiphany (Real Artist Within), which happens in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Christine Shiraz Sahin PhD


Christine ‘Shiraz’ Şahin is a performer, teacher, and ethnographer-scholar specializing in contemporary Egyptian raqs sharqi. She is a Lecturer in Dance Studies with California State University, San Marcos and earned her Ph.D. in Critical Dance Studies from the University of California, Riverside. Her research investigates local, intra-MENAT, and global circulations of raqs sharqi centered within Cairo, Egypt.


Siobhan Camille


Siobhan Camille is a multi-award winning belly dancer, and is the founder of Greenstone Belly Dance. Her love of music is equalled only by her love of movement, making belly dance her perfect match. Siobhan Camille takes a particular interest in the health, strength and performance of dancers, as she is not only a professional belly dancer, but also an exercise scientist. She conducted the first ever peer-reviewed scientific research concerning injury incidence in belly dancers, and has a decade of experience working with athletes and dancers across the globe, helping them to recover from injury and improve their performance.


Katie Sahar


An effusive and ebullient performer from Minneapolis, Katie Sahar is a lifetime lover of culture and traveling. She has spent the last decade training with masters of raks sharqi in order to bring the best of what bellydance can offer to her students and audiences. She is a fierce advocate for body positivity and empowers women to show up joyfully and confidently in all areas of their lives. A social media maven, she encourages dancers to up their game online so they can reach a wider audience and show the world how diverse and amazing this community can be.


Christine Yaven


Dubbed, 'Indonesia's bellydance icon', Christine has almost 20 years of training and teaching Middle Eastern dance, studying with world-renowned Master teachers. Founder of Bellydance Jakarta, Indonesia's premier Middle Eastern Dance Center, Christine has captured the interest of local and international media and is known as one of the region's trailblazers. She mesmerizes with a fusion of liquid motion, subtle sensuality and exquisite musicality. She teaches precision technique, and also the soul, values and heritage of Middle Eastern dance.


Sara Shrapnell - BDBA


Originally from the UK but now based in Arizona, Sara Shrapnell is a belly dance mentor, teacher, writer, and performer. Through her belly dance books, she supports belly dancers on their journey from student, to professional and/or teacher. “Teaching Belly Dance”, is the book about setting up, planning, teaching, and enjoying belly dance classes. “Becoming a Belly Dancer: From student to stage”, is a stagecraft handbook for belly dancers. She has taught over 5,000 belly dance lessons and continues to offer classes and mentor both in person, on-line and through the Belly Dance Business Academy, where she is a co-owner.


Shruti Narayanan


Shruti Narayanan is a Bellydance artiste and Instructor from Bengaluru, India. She is an avid proponent of Oriental and Golden Era styles and is the only certified practitioner for Muwashahat in India. She’s the founder and artistic director of Samai Oriental Dance Company and heads the lecture series, Beyond Bellydance. Her second venture, Raq And Read, is a book and video club for Middle Eastern Dance enthusiasts. She focuses on a well-rounded education, going beyond the technicalities to the history, culture and the socio-political/cultural aspects of the dance.  Shruti has presented and performed at events across India, China, Egypt, South East Asia, Europe.


Aubre Hill


Aubre Hill is an international dance artist, choreographer, educator, and event producer. She has been a professional dance artist for over twenty years including touring and assistant directing large ensembles across the globe. She is the artistic director of the Qabila Foundation, Lumina Dance Company, and Beyajja Dance Theatre. She has produced many events bringing the community together in celebration of Middle Eastern Dance & Culture and offers a unique mentorship focusing on individual artist voice called the Raqs Artist Project. Aubre also offers a full online studio of classes, lectures, and workshop on her Patreon.


Dr. Sherifa Zuhur (Samrah)


Dr. Sherifa Zuhur is a historian, musicologist, a musician and a dancer. She has held faculty positions at the American University in Cairo, MIT, UC Berkeley and the SSI, U.S. Army War College. She was most recently a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of California, Berkeley, ’15-’16 and is a past-president of the Association of Middle East Women’s Studies. Her most recent books are Popular Music and Dance in Egypt (2020) and Conflicting Interests in Egypt with Marlyn Tadros (2017). She holds a BA, MA and Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has danced in Europe, Egypt, Lebanon and all over the United States.


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