Scholarships-2023 - The Bellydance Bundle

This year we are offering 15 Scholarship slots to The Bellydance Bundle.

If you are:

  • Of MENAHT origin/descent
  • (and/or) Are of Indigenous origin
  • (and/or) Are Black
  • (and/or) Are a POC
  • (and/or) Part of the LGBTQ+ community 
  • (and/or) Are disabled
  • (and/or) Live in a country whose currency is weak against the dollar, pricing you out of the Bundle this year...

AND would not be otherwise able to purchase and participate in this year's Bellydance Bundle please fill out the form below to apply for one of our 15 award seats.

10 of our award seats will go to marginalized dancers, and the other 5 will go to dancers living in countries whose currency is weak against the dollar.

Scholarships will be awarded after we review the applicants on October 30th at which point everyone who applied will be contacted via the e-mail address provided on the application.

Application closes on October 28th in the evening Los Angeles time.

Your application and scholarship will be kept private. Your financial situation is no one's business but yours.

There is no proof of identity or financial need required.

Apply Below

Spots will be chosen on October 30th. You will be emailed then. Thank you for applying!

If you know someone else who would benefit from this, please pass along this page to them. Thank you!

The Sale is over for 2023, but we can still hang out