Replay – Live Party! 2020 - The Bellydance Bundle

Watch the replay of our live party

Available until November 4th or forever if you buy the Bundle!!

Two unreleased classes that were made for our live party that we weren't able to show!

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Christine Yaven

Sara Shrapnell

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If the content below isn't loading, you can find everything but the two bonus classes above & the Golden Era Watch Party on our Youtube Playlist here:

Part 1 - Introduction!

Part 2 - Participant Showcase #1

3 - Q & A with Zana

4 - Workout with Siobhan Camille

5 - Hands mini Class with Sahira

6 - Beledi Watch Party & Q&A with Sabriye

Part 7 - Sponsors & Inspiration from 21daysofbellydance

Part 9 - Golden Era Watch Party

The clips we got put in youtube jail for:

Part 10 - Q & A with Rosa Noreen

Part 11 - Participant Showcase #3

Part 12 - Breathwork with Ranya Renee

Part 13 - Sassy sa'idi with Aziza

Part 14 - Q & A with the Bellydance Business Academy

Part 15 - Participant Showcase #4

Part 16 - movement with Alia

Part 17 - Q & A with Aaliyah Jenny

Part 18 - Yoga with Raqs Razi

Part 19 - Contributor Showcase Intro

Part 20 - Contributor Showcase Part 1

Part 21 - Bundle Q & A and Special Guest, Florence!

Part 22 - Contributor Showcase Part 2

Part 23 - Bundle Q & A and Ending

The Lecture Bundle

20 Lectures over 8 months

Value : 684 USD

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  • All Lecture Content
  • 30 Hours of Lecture
  • Dispersed over 6-8 months
The Dance Bundle

26 Dance Classes

Value : 1400 USD

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  • All Dance Content
  • 90+ Hours of Dance
  • Live & Pre-recorded

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"We are belly dancers of color who want to facilitate and fund festivals that celebrate belly dancers from the diaspora. Our mission is to inspire dancers to embrace their inner and outer beauty and celebrate themselves through performance and self-expression."

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