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Need A Payment Plan?

We can make that happen for you!

How it works:

  • Put 70 USD down now during the registration period
  • Pay 102 by March 5th for your first Feedback Submission
  • Pay 173 by May 5th for your second Feedback Submission 
Struggle to Strength is normally 333 USD
and will be 345 USD through the payment plan

This covers the extra admin work required to manage the plan.

Payments can be made at any time, in any amounts through Paypal as long as the above deadlines are met. Your videos will not be submitted for feedback until that amount of your payment plan is met. Deadlines are not flexible due to the nature of the project.

Sound Good?

Put your deposit down below!

we'll be in touch soon about how to submit future payments.

Things to Know

Your videos will not be submitted for Guide feedback

until deadline payment is met.

Since we have two rounds of feedback we're more than happy to split up the deadline for the payments between the two official feedback sessions. Half of the total payment is due by March 5th, which is the submission deadline for the first feedback session. The remainder is due by May 5th, which is the submission deadline for the second feedback session.

You will be emailed and reminded several times before these dates, so don't worry! 

Payments can be made at any time through Paypal to (for any amount).

What about the live events?

You are welcome to participate in all events before and after the feedback sessions, regardless of your payment plan status. It only affects your ability to do the official sessions with the guides.

Your initial deposit is non-refundable

Since you will be getting content from us immediately, regardless of payment plan status payments made towards your balance are non-refundable as you will have gotten value from the course already.

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