Music - The Bellydance Bundle

2020 - #21daysofbellydance

Day 17- April Rose

Here's a great Ayub from Middle Eastern Rhythms for Practice on Spotify:

Day 16- Chudney

The Maqsoum loop that Chudney is using is from Shahrzad's Iconic Rythms CD it's an excellent resource if you don't have it, but if you need something free, check out this playlist by Nicci Marsh on Spotify that is full of Maqsoum Rhythms!

Day 15- florence

Samai Rhythm Song Suggestion

Day 8 - Sahira

Emotion Randomizer -

Day 8 - Sahira

Emotion Randomizer -

Day 5 - Shining 

The hipwork of Nabaweya Mustafa

Day 2 - Rosa Noreen

The Song: Rosa's Drum Solo by Jonatan Derbaq

Find the song here:

2019 - #21daysofbellydance

Let me know if this sounds like you.

You’ve found the time to practice (hooray!!) and you open up your music player.

Since you’re not doing a choreography you just hit shuffle on your library, or pull up a favorite artist, or album.

You warm up, jamming along, but then you try to practice something specific.

And the music just doesn’t match.

The beat is off, you keep getting fast songs when you need slow ones, etc. So you sit down to create a short playlist. Before you know it, you’re out of time to practice.

No more!

Here you’ll find playlists that we’ll be adding to with reader suggestions, and our own personal experiences.

On Spotify


Click here to check out our channel for some pre-made playlists.

Metronome Apps:


If you’re on iOS here’s a list of Metronome Apps that are free and should be good! Let me know your favorite since I don’t have an apple device I cannot recommend my favorite.

If you’re on Android I HIGHLY suggest Metronome Beats. You can increase the maximum beats per minute, which you’re going to want to do for faster shimmies!


For the 21 Day Dance Challenge


You can use the Spotify playlists there if you’re just jamming & drilling, but some of our contributor drills require something a bit more specific! We’ve added those files here below.


The Song for Morocco’s drum solo!

Audio Instructions:

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