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the Sale is Over for 2021

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Designed to help you see the progress in your dance over the course of weeks, as opposed to year's later when you watch yourself on video, you're not gonna want to miss it!

The world’s largest curated collection of online Belly Dance classes designed to give you unbeatable quality and variety of instruction in your belly dance training.

On sale for one week, October 20th - 27th, with classes happening year round.

Classes are a mix of pre-recorded and live content. Some even have lifetime access!!

Recording are available for ALL live events, so even if you can't attend live, you won't miss out.

We're here to help YOU practice more, and stress out less. Isn't it time that practice was fun again?

A Non-Competition designed to have all the best parts of a competition, without the parts that just kinda suck.

A Guided Feedback experience that lasts 5-6 months.

How it works:

1. Signup and choose what you'll be doing for the program

2. Annonymous & Filtered Peer Review

3. Submit Piece #1 after 6-8 weeks

4. Get feedback from 3 different guides

5. Spend 6 weeks refining & tweaking your piece

6. Resubmit your piece for enhanced feedback from the same 3 guides.

Everyone wins, cause everyone worked on their dance. We all come together through this program to uplift and support each other as we work towards our dance goals with the help of our guides!

In my personal practice I would just practice the same things, there wasn’t much variety. I felt like I was going through the motions, but not challenging myself enough. With the bundle I’ve been able to add variety to my personal dance practice and I can do it on my schedule. I love studying with different teachers about different topics.


I am performing more in online haflas and and I am feeling way more confident in my overall technique and being able to see these changes that happened in a few short months was so worth the work. I would say that it is something any dancer can benefit from no matter what you are wanting to work on, and that the cost is pretty nominal when you consider all that you get from S2S.


I'm the face behind the Bellydance Bundle.

I build communities around different ideas of practice. Whether that's through bringing you online classes, helping you achieve your goals, or discussing the theory, I want these projects to serve YOU and YOUR DANCE. Because THAT's what's most important.

I curate a community that:

  • Focuses on finding joy in your dance. Like, after that first week of classes levels of joy
  • Believes in self-worth. You are absolutely enough, just the way you are
  • Cares just as much about your mental state as well as your technique
  • Celebrates how hard you work ALL THE TIME in this dance, even when it feels like you're not doing much.
  • Encourages everyone to build their own unique practice habit. Because your dance is unique. You are unique. And you practice needs to be too.
  • Believes in experimenting with our dance, with our practice, with our habits. It's not about failure. There is no such thing. We simply learn more and more and tweak until we get the desired results.
  • Varys the type of learning we pursue so that even if you don't feel like getting on the dance floor? There's another way you can get into your practice.
  • And most importantly? Adheres to the idea that any practice you do comes from a positive place. Because you decide to. Because you WANT to learn and to improve your technique, your knowledge, and your understanding. Not because you think you SHOULD and you're beating yourself up to get there. Remember, you're enough, just the way you are.

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Want to do some dancing while you're doing other things? Learn some stuff from our podcast while you mow the lawn, do a jigsaw puzzle, or drive a car. The best kind of multitasking.

I interview dancers about different aspects of practice, which is a way bigger subject than you might think.


Our projects work to bring together dancers from all over the world in service of a common goal. Here are just some of the amazing dancers we've had the joy of working with over the past 4 years.


With every project that we run, we make a point to support the community & causes that we rally behind.

We provide award seats to every project and often have amounts of each sale that go, cash in hand, back into our community.

In the past we've supported dancers all over the world to:

  • Repair studio floors after a flood
  • Start over after fires destroyed their possessions
  • Purchase hearing aids
  • Attend classes they could have otherwise not afforded
  • Gotten them feedback and mentorship
  • Put cash in the hands of studio owners struggling with closures during the Pandemic.
  • Supported after school programs for kids, based in dance
  • And more

To date we have put almost 10k back into our dance community over the past 4 years, and we can't wait to see that number grow because it means dancers have it just a bit easier than they were the day before.

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Designed to help you see the progress in your dance over the course of weeks, as opposed to year's later when you watch yourself on video, you're not gonna want to miss it!