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What is the Bellydance Bundle?

There are so many things to study when you're a bellydancer, it's hard to find a place to start. So many resources are available to you. It’s an amazing time to be a dancer, but also overwhelming.

The Bellydance Bundle is a hand-picked compilation of top-notch guides, courses, live classes, and programs designed to help you get the most out of your dance practice and level up your skills, both in front of the mirror, and behind it.

How will I receive my classes?

Upon purchase, you will receive a username and password to the Bundle Redemption Center. Here you will find instructions on how to access the products. As some of the products are online courses and non-downloadable, you will have to go to the contributor's website to access them.

You may need to provide information to our contributors to create a login for their online course, but you will not be charged anything extra on their sites.

You'll always be able to come back to Redemption page here on The Bellydance Bundle for a reminder on how to access your products once they've been redeemed! Keeping everything centralized for you to make it as easy as possible!

Please note: All products are ELECTRONIC. You won’t receive any physical products in the mail.


How long do I have to take the courses?

You will be treated just like any other customer on our contributor's sites.

But what does that mean?

This means that for pre-recorded content once redeemed, you will have the same access permissions as if you had purchased from the contributor directly. For most of our courses, that means that once you have redeemed your product you have access to it as long as the contributor has the product available online.

However a couple of our items this year are have expiration dates, or are live classes, after which they will no longer be visible because they will not be available forever to anyone, not just bundle purchasers. For these items, you will receive multiple reminders about regarding the dates to make sure you take full advantage.

Any and all live classes will have recordings available for at least two weeks so that everyone may take the course in their own time.

Items with limited availability are clearly marked in the What's Included section with a **Has Expiration Date**  or **Live Class** as part of the description.

We do suggest going through the Bundle and signing up for all of the courses when you first receive it to avoid any hassles redeeming courses later on due to expired coupon codes or website changes that make the instructions included invalid.

Should you miss a listed deadline that is not for the limited availability items, please forward a copy of your receipt to the contributor and ask to be added manually.

You have up to 6 months to redeem your products unless otherwise specified. After that, it is at the contributor's discretion.


Why is it only available for 7 days?

Due to the extreme nature of the discount we’re providing, that’s all our contributors would allow! Each product is for sale on our individual contributor's sites, often for a much higher price than you’ll be able to get it for here. Luckily we’ve convinced everyone to let us sell them cheaper, but only for a limited time!

If I don’t buy the Bundle now, will I have another chance later?

No. Once the sale is over the bundle is gone for good.


Can I download this to my phone or tablet?

Some of them. While some items from the bundle will be downloadable, others may only stream from the Contributors sites, others will be held live with recordings available. So whether or not you can download the files will depend entirely on the format set up by the teacher for the course.


Why isn't _______ dancer included?

Now, we hardly know all the dancers not only in the US, but around the world, so we're sure many awesome dancers with great products were not contacted this year.

Hopefully, we'll be able to get them into future bundles as online study becomes more and more commonplace within our field. Which we firmly believe will be the case over the next several years. As you can see from the number of products included this year, it’s already started to happen.

We do ask around for dancers with excellent products and try to be as inclusive as we possibly can. If you have an idea for someone who should be contacted to be part of The Bellydance Bundle this year, or in any future year please reach out to hello [at] thebellydancebundle.com and we'll be sure to check them out! We appreciate any and all recommendations!

Is this for me?

I mainly dance in _____ style, will this help me?

YES! Cross training is vital to being a great dancer. While you don’t have to excel at or become a professional in all the different styles of this dance, each style has its own unique offerings that can improve your practice in your own personal style.

Breaking out of the mold and learning from each other can only bring us all to new heights in our dances, allowing us more freedom to choreograph and improv as the music dictates, with less and less barriers of technique in the way.

Maybe you’ll never use that particular hip movement in your dances, but practicing it will give you the muscle strength and control to do that OTHER movement you’ve been trying to do for ages and just couldn’t get down. Or it’ll provide the sharpness, or the ability to layer a walk on your other moves as you cross genres and learn from a variety of dancers.


I’m a super beginner/intermediate/advanced/professional bellydancer. Is this bundle suited to my level?

There are items here that will cater to your level, regardless of what it is. While some products are aimed mostly at beginners turning intermediate, or advanced dancers starting to dabble in the world of gigging and teaching, the majority of products are beneficial to you REGARDLESS of your level.

We’re all perpetual students. Always looking for new drills, better technique, more history, and a better understanding of our dance. This bundle provides you with the tools to enhance your home practice in the areas you feel it needs it most so that you can continue to develop and refine your own personal style.

Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. And other times you just want that thing that’s going to break your brain. You’ll find both here, along with your Goldilocks sweet spot, no matter how many years you’ve been dancing.

I don’t know if I have the time to actually use this!

We know everyone is busy, that's why we crafted our email series to help guide you through the bundle.

As a purchaser of the Bundle you'll get access to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reminders to help you work through the content and keep you on track.

Even one lesson a week or a month from this bundle will have a profound impact on your dance, as you’re doing dedicated practice. You’re not just jamming around your house (which totally has value), you’re actively working on the things that will make your dance better.

Plus, since all these products are online, you’re able to work at your own pace. Filling in classes between your choreography practices for the studio, or during the week when you’re not out gigging all weekend. Any and all live events will have recordings available for a limited time.


What if I already own one of the products?

Then you know the level of quality that’s in the bundle! No further discounts on the bundle can be given due to the level of discount being provided. You will receive the newest version of the product you already have plus all the other products listed.

Even if you only use a fraction of the products in the pack, we’re confident you’ll get your money’s worth!

Why are you giving such a large discount? Is this a scam?

All of the contributors to the Bellydance Bundle know first hand how hard it is to get started as a dancer, and how hard it can be to make it a full time job.

But we also know how rewarding it can be. We want to help as many people as we can down the path to becoming better dancers, better students, better teachers, and better performers.

That’s why we’ve come together to offer our products at a discounted price!

All the courses available here are also available for sale on our contributor's individual sites and are real products. We’re not trying to trick you.

Can I buy just one of the products?

Not from us.

 If you’re only interested in one of the products in the bundle, you’re welcome to head over to the contributor's site and purchase it directly from them for full price. However here, all products come together and can not be sold separately.

What is your refund policy?

We don’t give them. Due to the nature of The Bellydance Bundle – the number of people involved and the incredible discount given (over 80%) we do not offer any refunds.

When putting together The Bellydance Bundle, we only reach out to the best of the best in their respective fields, and we personally vet each and every product and contributor.

We can confidently say that even if you only use a fraction of what’s in the Bundle, you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

Is there a payment plan?


Where do you get your ad images?

We use photos from a variety of sources! Some are free stock photos with appropriate credits, others are paid for. However, there's not a lot of great bellydance stock photos, so we're taking it a step further and have asked some dancers if they would be willing to be featured as an ad for The Bellydance Bundle. In these cases, photographers and dancers have been compensated per their requests and links are listed below.

Photo Credit: Gold Skirt/Red Veil photo - Ray Tarrant Photography

Does the Bundle have core values?

Absolutely. We feel that it's important for everyone to know what they stand for and the kind of people they want to work with.

To that end The Bundle:

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I have a different question. Who can I ask?

Fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to help!

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