Ep 99 - Siobhan Camille - The Bellydance Bundle
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Today we have the founder of Greenstone Dance Arts, Siobhan Camille. 

If you’ve heard her on the podcast before, or you follow her you’ll already know, but for anyone just meeting Siobhan for the first time, she’s got an extensive background in exercise science with postgrad degrees in both Exercise Prescription and Rehabilitation Science. And while this creates her unique approach to teaching, today she’s gonna be talking a bit more about something near and dear to my heart.


It make sense, because what is a dance or exercise practice but a series of habits?

Today she’ll be talking about all or nothing thinking, why our practices need to evolve over the years, and you’ll even walk away with some book recommendations if your interest has been peaked.

Plus one action step you can take TODAY to get going on a habit you’ve been wanting to start or improve.

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