Ep 98 - Emotion & Theatricality with Sahira - The Bellydance Bundle
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Today we have Sahira here to chat all about adding emotion and some theatricality to your dance.

Sahira is a dancer in Houston who teaches both locally and has a fantastic online dance school. She’s known for her finger cymbals, her fantastic personality, and of course for being able to absolutely draw you in while she’s dancing. And the key to that? Bringing that emotion to your dance!

How many times have you been told to stare “past” the audience? Well not anymore!

Sahira shares her theories about why we tend not to practice this aspect of our dance as often, as well as some concrete steps you can take to add these subjects into your regular practice.

Cause if you don’t work on it in practice, it’s not magically come out in performance. That’s a quote from Sahira later on in this episode and it may become a new motto around here because it’s so on point.

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