Ep 97 - The Connection of Live Music - The Bellydance Bundle
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Today we have the wonderful Athena Howe and Adam Rivière to chat allllll about live music with ya’ll!

Athena is a Columbus, Ohio-based dancer who just like many of us, fell in love with the costuming and glamour of belly dance, and then fell head over heals for the music and culture. Especially live music!!

Adam is a  world percussionist, audio engineer and composer with almost 40 years

of experience and often plays shows with bellydancers

Together, the two have performed and taught at festivals and have also started online workshops together to teach dancers the ins and outs of dancing to live music.

Join them today as they talk about how live music fosters connection, and the return of one of our favorite questions from seasons past. What’s your best dance (or gig) mishap?

Skunks, Ouds, and musical connection are coming your way, you’re not gonna wanna miss this one!

Episode in honor of

The 2023 Bellydance Bundle!

Athena & Adam's corresponding instagram Challenge!

Try not to listen through the whole thing before you dance so you have the live(ish) experience! Click through to Instagram to remix the reel if you want to post your response!


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