Ep 90 – Who is That Beautiful Black Dancer?! - The Bellydance Bundle
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Ebony and Tiffany sit down with brilliant dancers Danielle Hutton, Lara Adriene, Raqs Razi, Nefertiti and Iona for a lively conversation about, and CELEBRATION of, seeing ourselves, Black dancers, in the spotlight.

Listen in as they relate about their first time seeing a pro Black bellydancer and what that meant for them. 

We discuss imposter syndrome, encouraging one another and so much more. We hope this discussion inspires you, as well.

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Ebony Qualls - 

Guest Host & Co-Creator of The Black Bellydance Bundle

Danielle Hutton

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Other awesome Black Dancers that were mentioned so you can check them out!


Zaira al Zahara

Ciana Ariel


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