Ep 89 – Golden Era - The Bellydance Bundle
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Badriyah is well known for her work putting together the Golden Era Museum and I’m super excited to have her on today’s podcast speaking more about the Museum and her obsession with the Golden Era.

From the first piece of her collection to the dance characteristics of the Golden Era itself we get into the Golden Era through the decades in today’s episode.

Talking to someone who is clearly so passionate about what they do is a joy and an honor and I am so thankful the the work that Badriyah puts into curating the museum so that the rest of us can enjoy it!

Check out this episode to learn more about the Golden Era and we’ll see you in Golden Era Evolution, Badriyah’s course in this year’s Bundle!

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Golden Era Evolution


Travel in time, & experience the evolution of Golden Era belly dance! This workshop leads you through the changes of the Egyptian movie Raqs Sharqi from the late 1930’ to 1940’. We will focus on specific dance movements & differences between the time period, from posture change, hips technique, usage of shimmies, props, & shoes. The workshop will start with a short lecture (20 minutes) about the particular era. Then, after the talk, we get to dance (100 min) – beginning with a quick warm-up, the technique of the particular time & finishing with the Golden era belly dance combination. Let's enjoy the beauty of Golden Era belly dance together!


3 Month Access

Length - 2 Hour

Value - 35 USD

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