Ep 88 – MUSICALITY & FEELING - The Bellydance Bundle
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How do you express the music?

For Mercedes Nieto, expression and musicality are at the heart of her style, and she joins us today to give us a peak into her process and how she works with her students to grow their ability to express through their dance.

What is the music telling you? How do you feel about it? And how can you build that into your dance?

Mercedes dives into how you can take these questions and an understanding of how your body likes to move and combine them into your story of this song. Into your own expression.

Everyone’s expression and style are different, and sometimes finding your own unique voice in the music can be difficult, but by relying on your feelings? You’ve got somewhere to start.

Check out this episode for an amazing deep dive into musicality and expression, some talk around the idea of audience expectations, gratitude, and showing up for yourself, and your dance.

This episode has been split into two parts to keep our general timeframe of 40-50 min episodes, make sure to catch Part 1 AND Part 2!!

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Tarab & Smooth

Mercedes Nieto

Artistic self expression in bellydance through Mercedes' signature technique and combinations and a full and detailed choreography to a beautiful lyrical classical song.

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