Ep 86 – Nawarra of Morocco - The Bellydance Bundle
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Today we have a special treat! Nawarra of Morocco joins us to talk about the different dances of Morocco, specifically today the Shikkat and the Chaabi!

Much like any country Morocco is a diverse nation with many many different styles of dance, and, hoping to learn more about the North African part of MENAHT, we’re super excited to bring you this resource for learning more specifically about these two dances of Morocco!

Nawarra was born and raised in Casablanca, is a N/A dance Researcher, dancer and Performer and a freelance Lecturer on N/A Cultural Heritage at Various Universities and I’m so excited for her to be joining us here to share some of her knowledge! Shes also one of our teachers in this year’s Bundle where she’ll be diving deeper in to the two dances we talk about today!

As we dance MENAHT dances it is so important to take the time to study and learn the original contexts of what we’re doing and representing and I’m super thankful for Nawarra joining us today to help us down the path of more understanding and hopefully providing us a springboard from which we can start to do more research and learn!

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Moroccan Schikkatt / Chaaibi Dance Style

Nawarra of Morocco

Schikkatt - Singers/ Performers. From Poetry to Storytelling. Schikkat remain warriors through their singing voices, expressing strong views in life & politics. Also known for their fierce expressive dance moves.

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