Ep 85 – Traveling Steps - The Bellydance Bundle
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Today’s episode is all about making your traveling steps musical and our Guest Chudney is absolutely one of my personal favorites when it comes to musicality. Traveling on anything but the beat can be really tricky, but being able to interpret different parts of the music through our movements around our dance space is an amazing layer that we can add that really takes our musicality to the next level.


Join Chudney and I as we talk a bit about how to work with traveling steps, even in small spaces, how traveling movements fit into the musicality of your piece, and how you can train your ear in your dance.


One of the beautiful things about this dance is that there are so many layers, so many different interpretations so come and get some new tools to take your own interpretations all around your dance space.

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Make it Musical: Traveling Steps


Learn how to make your traveling steps match the music with this workshop from dance from an award winning Raqs Sharqi artist, coach, & forever student, Chudney. 

Known for her musicality, Chudney brings her musicality to movement. Learn to travel and interpret the music at the same time!

Live Event

Lifetime Access

Length - 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

Value - 35 USD

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