Ep 83 – Drum Solos - The Bellydance Bundle
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Ever decide to start a drum solo choreography, hit the dance floor, start the music, then freeze on where to start? With the music happening all over the place where do you even begin?

And how do you slow down when it feels like the music is pushing you to go fast?

Victoria Teel is joining us in the 2021 Bellydance Bundle to teach us a Drumsolo choreography so we’ve invited her to the show to see what advice she has for those of us struggling with where to start and how to slow down when we approach our drum solos.

She has some amazing tips to help us plan out the pace and texture of our drum solos and ways that we can approach them just a bit differently to make them really shine.

And for those of you who love competitions? She’s got a bit of great advice for you in here as well.

There’s bound to be at least one lightbulb moment today, so jump on in!

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Drum Solo Choreography Workshop

Victoria Teel

Join Victoria for a LIVE online workshop covering a choreo to one of her favorite drum solos with dynamic accents, juicy undulations, & some of her signature flair. It will be a brand new choreography she hasn't taught in a workshop yet!

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1 Month Access

Length - 1 Hour & 30 Minutes

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