Ep 82 – Creative Shapes - The Bellydance Bundle
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Today we’re here to talk about something foundational that is layered into everything that you do.


Mahin joins us to talk about her thoughts around creative shapes, from the foundations of the shapes themselves in the dance to how we can layer them together with different parts of our bodies and on different planes to create new and unique expressions of the music.

There are infinite ways to approach any shape and any combinations of shapes, it’s what makes our dance so interesting and how we can continue to come back time and time again to something new and different each time.

From improv to combo creation we dive into how we can utilize a simple concept like shape to get super complex and not only use it as a tool for creation, but also use them as a tool for gaining greater confidence in our improvisational sessions.

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Creative Shapes Class Pack


Two 1-hour classes designed to open your mind & body to thinking in new ways about the foundational shapes of Middle Eastern dance. Experiment with variations that will help you better embody the way you hear the music & share it in your dance. Learn concepts that will help you discover your own unique variations on our shared movement vocabulary.

Pre-Recorded Classes

1 Month Access

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 50 USD

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