Ep 81 – Mindset - The Bellydance Bundle
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Ever find yourself saying bad things about your dancing when you watch a video from your practice? Or find yourself extremely nervous before an event?

Today we have Eshe on the Podcast to share some of her stories around changing her mindset when it came not only to dance performances, but practices and being in the business of dance as well!

So much of what we do as dancers relies on technique and putting in the hours to hone our craft. But what we don’t realize a lot of times is that it’s our MINDSETS about practice, and about our dancing that can also have a huge effect not only on our motivation and ability to show up, but on our actual dancing as well.

Eshe and I are diving into some of the most common mindset shifts that we can make to take our dance and our practice to the next level. From feeling like we deserve success, to pre-show jitters, and having some self-compassion, we dive into some of the mindset shifts that can completely change the way you approach your dance.

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Artist Intensive


Artist Reset - Let's make a plan for 2022. Let's set our intentions for the coming year. We will be doing some internal work & reflection as well as creative exercises & movement research. Make sure to bring a notebook to record your thoughts.

Turkish Roman - Explore this earthy, celebratory dance set on a 9/8 rhythm. Funky footwork, expressive gestures, hip isolations - this dance has it all. One of the Mothers of Turkish Bellydance this style has been misrepresented at times. Let's root ourselves in reality & discuss history, best practices & more.

Expressive Hands & Organic Veil - We'll spend 2 hours on evocative gestures, creative play, movement research, as well as strengthening & stretching. The last hour we'll get out our veils & explore natural movement, as well as less popular ways of manipulation, creating a moment, experiencing release & calm when we dance with our partner, the veil. 


Lifetime access

Length - 9 Hours

Value - 120 USD

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