Ep 79 – Zills - The Bellydance Bundle
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Did you start playing zills when you were a baby bellydancer? Or did you start later in your dance journey?

Or maybe you haven’t picked them up yet!

Join Sahira and myself today as we chat all things Zills.

Sahira has had a passion for these beautiful little instruments since the beginning and is determined to get everyone else as in love with them as she is.

A worthy goal, to make everyone as much of a zill nerd as her!

Whether you’re comfortable with zills already or just starting your journey Sahira has some awesome tips, tricks, and insights here that can help take your playing to the next level.

Sahira is SUPER generous with her knowledge, and if you’ve ever been curious about zills, definitely check out this episode to see what’s possible if you just get a little nerdy!

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Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum 

Acapella Finger Cymbal Theory , Technique & Practice


Go boldly into the incredible realm of acapella finger cymbal work with Sahira! This course will teach you step-by-step the theory & technique you need to create the foundation for astounding acapella zill work. Banish boring & repetitive zills & learn to embrace the multitude of sounds, textures & funky syncopated rhythms that your finger cymbals can create. Discover how to play an acapella finger cymbal riff that is varied & dynamic, with room for modifications depending on your level of comfort with the instrument. Be your own musician & dance to the beat of your own drum! Belly dancing with finger cymbals will never be the same again.


Lifetime Access

Length - 4 Hours

Value - 67 USD

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