Ep 77 – Sa’idi Strong - The Bellydance Bundle
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Innovation is rooted in tradition.

Today’s podcast Guest Diana holds that idea to heart as she talks to us about Sa’idi dance, particularly using an assaya.

From the common struggles she sees when it comes to dancing with assaya or canes to how we can work through those moments to create something amazing, Diana walks us through her stylings of Sa’idi dance in today’s episode.

When it comes to props you don’t want to hide behind them, you want to make them dance alongside you and we dive into just that. Because anyone can do tricks, but can you make the stick dance?

Have a listen to get a great tip on a way to give a nod to tradition before jumping into innovation, it’s something that I’ll be applying to my choreographies from now on!

Episode in honor of

Strength & Sensuality 

Saidi Stick Choreography

Diana Soto

In this choreography-based course, Diana shares her take on saidi, a folkloric dance from Egypt. This choreo is a celebration of contrasts & of what’s powerful within the feminine, where both strength & sensuality share dance space. Diana firmly believes that the best innovation is rooted in tradition & so this piece builds from a strong folkloric background into new stylizations for a piece that is both fierce & fun. The course includes two live instruction classes of two hours each so you can learn the full choreography.

Live Event w/ Recordings

6 Months

Length - 4 Hours

Value - 100 USD

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