Ep 76 – Endurance - The Bellydance Bundle
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Have you ever been dancing at a restaurant or just noodling about in your dance space and been surprised how after just a short period of time you’re exhausted?

That’s what we’re here to talk about today.


Today we’re talking to Oreet from Sharqi about adding this element to our practices. What’s going on, the different types of endurance and what we can work on to increase the amount of time we spend dancing!

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SharQui is where authentic bellydance meets fitness. We all know that bellydance can be demanding. However, only practicing technique & repetitive dancing is not the most efficient way to "level up". You really need to add strength & endurance, too. This is where SharQui’s "Amp Up Your Practice" packages comes in. SharQui will help you build endurance with SharQui Workouts as well add strength with SharQui's HIIT & Dance Strong workouts. So, come join us & let's "level up" together!

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