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Improvisation is tricky. And oftentimes scary. It’s a skill in and of itself that we grow as dancers.  But it’s one that as we start often fills us with a bit of dread.

Heather Henna Louise joins me today to talk about Improvisation and turning it into PLAY. We talk mindset, and how the story we tell ourselves? It matters! 

We answer questions like:

Where do we start with improv? What do we do when we lock up in fear during a song? What do we do with the worries about the audience judging us? 

All of that and more, in today’s episode….

Episode in honor of

The Anatomy of Improvisation

Heather Henna Louise

Feeling stuck when you improvise? Does being "thrown into the deep end" in order to learn sound scary & intimidating? In The Anatomy of Improvisation, Heather will introduce concepts to help you get a handle on the music so that improvising is fun to do & exciting to watch. Complementing the musical aspect, you'll learn dance technique that will make improvisation easier & more natural. Through games, exploration, & some good old fashioned drills, Heather will walk with you down the ramp into the enchanted world of Middle Eastern music.


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Length - 2 Hours

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