Ep 74 – Mejance - The Bellydance Bundle
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Let’s take it back today to define some terms.

What is a mejance?

What does one sound like?

How can you tell if this piece in your music library is one?!

Melissa Gamal joins us today to talk about Mejances, the subject of her course in the 2021 Bundle. And she’s not the only one.

Mejances have been becoming more and more popular over the past couple of decades and this year we’ve got two in the Bundle!

Melissa share her knowledge around Mejances with us today including what they are, finding the song in your music library, and some general guidelines that dancers tend to follow when performing to one.

We also get a bit into styling and that ever present moment where time slows to a crawl when you’re the one performing and how that can affect how we dance to our music.

Come and learn with us!

Episode in honor of

Mejance magic

Melissa Gamal

Mejance Magic: Learn an elegant & exciting mejance/entrance choreography to the song “Enchanted Gardens” - Melissa will take you through the dynamics & nuances of the music, guide you through the movement interpretation, & help you seamlessly execute a stunning entrance piece!

Pre-Recorded & Live Event

1 Month Access

Length - 2 Hours & 30 Minutes

Value - 65 USD

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