Ep 73 – Stage Presence - The Bellydance Bundle
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Sadie joins us today to talk about Stage Presence.

Her workshop in the 2021 Bundle, Purpose, presence, and power centers around the concept of Stage Presence and HOW we show up. Not necessarily what we do when we get there.

Dance relies  a lot on technique, and that part of your journey is always getting honed and focused on, but what about the other big thing that plays into your dance? From your practice to performances there’s another piece that carries just as much weight.

Your mindset.

Today we talk mindset, confidence, self-compassion and so much more as they relate to your Stage Presence. How you can show up for yourself no matter where you’re about to start dancing.

Episode in honor of

Purpose Presence Power 

Sadie Marquardt

Get ready to dive deep in this workshop. Sadie will guide you on an exploration, helping you uncover some of the things that may be blocking you from fully expressing yourself in your dance. You will also learn some practical & powerful tools to help you feel more confident & to more effectively communicate with your audience. But this workshop is not just about your audience, it’s also about you. How would it feel to have more awareness and presence, & less worry and fear? Stage presence is so much more about how we do than what we do. And that power extends far beyond the stage. So, if you are ready for more purpose, presence & power both on & off stage, then this workshop is for you!!

Live Workshop

1 Year Access

Length - 2 Hours

Value - 90 USD

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