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How well do you know your music?

Alia joins us today to talk about mapping our music. When it works, what it helps with, and how to use it to create art with our performances.

From helping improv be a little bit less scary to telling entire stories with our dance, music mapping is a tool that you can use to help your dance become what you envision.

Finding the confidence when you’re dancing can be hard, and finding that confidence in improv? Even harder for some of us.

Have a listen to this episode and see what tips & tricks Alia has for YOU to get to know your music, and your dance, a bit better.

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How to Map Your Music, from Fact to Fantasy

 a 4-part system for musical confidence

Alia Thabit

It’s important for us to understand the meaning of lyrics in songs we dance on. It’s important to understand the cultural relevance of things like improvisation ad micromovement. Knowing these things makes our dance better, more nuanced, more authentic. It’s also important to understand the structure of our music–so we don’t get lost, so we know when to change, so we know what’s coming down the pick even with an unfamiliar song. Lots of music is pretty simple–there’s a verse, a chorus, maybe a taqsim. And then some of it is more complex. A LOT more complex. And then there’s all that music that sounds the same all the way through. It can be puzzling…

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