Ep 71 – Anatomy - The Bellydance Bundle
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Do you want to have a better understanding of how the body works so that you can reach a new level of dance?

With a classical background in ballet & a lifelong advocate for dance, Prue's mission is for the joy of dance to be accessible to everyone. Having had struggles with injury throughout her career, she is a firm believer that injury prevention is key to ensuring longevity in dance for professionals, teachers, and students alike.

Prue draws on her 20 + years of experience in dance teaching, rehabilitation, & Pilates Movement Therapy, to bring a unique and safe dance practice resource for the Bellydance community.

Come learn a little about the importance of anatomy with us today!

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Anatomy for Bellydancers & Managing Back Pain with The Dance Safe Project

The Dance Safe Project

Anatomy for Bellydancers:
Anatomy is the study of the human body. This Anatomy for Bellydancers course will help you discover why & how the body moves, specifically related to Bellydance. A deeper understanding of anatomy will open a new world of comprehension & will launch you into a new level of teaching or dancing.

Managing Back Pain with The Dance Safe Project:
 Back pain in students, teachers, & performers of Bellydance, can be caused by many different factors. From injury to poor pelvic floor strength or incorrect dance technique, back pain can be debilitating & prevent a dancer from reaching their full potential. Join Prue from The Dance Safe Project in this interactive workshop to discover techniques you can use at home to decrease stiffness & pain in the back and spine, as well as improving dance technique!

Pre-Recorded & Live Event

Lifetime Access

Length - 6 Hours

Value - 339 USD

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