Ep 69 Dance Movement - The Bellydance Bundle
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Today on the podcast we talk about dance & movement!

Amanda Rose joins me as we chat a bit about her work in Dance Movement Therapy (where she has her masters) and the ways that she has brought some of this learning into the bellydance space with her Move, Connect, Express, and Grow classes.

While we're learning this dance we often focus on the technique and the movements and getting that all just right. And in the process forget what our body wants. We lose the ability to check in, to move in ways that our bodies are called to.

Today Amanda and I dive into why this type of check in can be transformative in your dance practice, and how this connection helps dancers express and connect more fully to the music and their artistic visions.

Episode in honor of

Reset & Refresh - Raqs Sharqi Series

Amanda Rose

Reset & Refresh is a 6-week pre-recorded series that will focus on 4 facets of Raqs Sharqi; Shimmy Development & Layers, Isolations, Fluidity & Turns. This series will take a new look at knee shimmies & hip shimmies, leaving the tension shimmy as a thing of the past. Working towards fuller, looser & more vivacious shimmies, participants will then applying those reset shimmy skills with different upper & lower body layers, mobility drills & traveling. Isolations will focus not only on the isolated movement, but the surrounding & supporting areas that are so often overlooked & diminish our isolation effect. Fluidity will focus on weight changes & distribution, flow, & connection points, making sure our melodic movements create the ebb & flow we want. Turns will refresh our spin skills, focus on the entire body within each turn, & give us an opportunity to drill & apply. Each 2-week segment of this series will include a 10 min drill video repeating all the technique in the class, & a full musicality combination, where the technique of the series will be applied & Amanda Rose will discuss musicality choices, rational, & stylization.


Available Until January 15, 2022

Length - 7 Hours

Value - 150 USD

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