Ep 68 Beledi - The Bellydance Bundle
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Beledi can be so many things, but in this episode? We talk about the feelings. What does Beledi FEEL like? What does it remind you of when you're dancing and working in this style?

We cover a lot in this episode, from competitions, to taking feedback, to beledi progressions, to pausing and transitioning between parts of the music. 

It's amazing how our dance blends together. There are so many layers and paths that all circle back around to create you and your dance. No matter what you're studying there's always something you can take and apply to your dance as a whole, and that's such a cool feeling.

Join Jesenia and I as we weave through these subjects and find the ties, not only to ourselves and our dances, but to each other and a sense of community and family.

Episode in honor of

In My Mother’s Kitchen

An Approach To Understanding the Baladi Progression

Jesenia Lopez

I didn’t learn to dance in the typical way. My mother taught my sister & I, while we cooked in the kitchen. The kitchen was the at the center of our childhood home, with an open layout, so everything from cooking, to celebrating started in the kitchen. Every session would start nearly the same, a song would come on, she would start singing, & encourage us to dance, our guest would do the same. It would start slow, a little shy, but as the music built so did our confidence, & then an inner light would shine brilliantly. In this workshop, this is the earthy, comfort feeling of home that we will be exploring. Jesenia will show approaches to melodic & accent transitions that are constantly weaving in & out seamlessly & using pauses to create space that can draw the viewer in.

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