Ep 65 Turning - The Bellydance Bundle
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Turning is my nemisis. So I am SUPER excited to chat today with Rosa Noreen about her course for the 2021 Bundle, Turn from the Hip.

With Rosa's background in Ballet she does something magical. She bridges the gap for a lot of us who didn't have classical training in the western styles of dance before coming to the Middle Eastern Dance Scene.

Turning can be super difficult, and Rosa breaks down some of the mechanics, the mindset, and the tools that we can use to take our turns to the next level.

Episode in honor of

Turn from the Hip

Rosa Noreen

Learn to turn! New & experienced belly dancers alike will gain confidence in a variety of turns, linking steps to get into & out of the turns, & movement control to help you turn with confidence. Rosa will introduce detailed techniques to safely build strength & stability in your feet, ankles, knees and hips, & core. We'll build combinations to help you integrate these movements & techniques into your dance. Drawing from Rosa's ballet background & raqs sharqi experience, this unique course will help you truly turn from the hip.

Pre-Recorded & Live Event

6 Months Access

Length - 6 Hours

Value - 150 USD

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