Ep 62 – RHYTHMS - The Bellydance Bundle
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Siobhan Camille joins us today to discuss the learning of Middle Eastern Rhythms.

For those of us who are not from the culture of this dance, we weren't necessarily raised on this music, on these styles. And there are so many ways in which it differs from the popular musics of our own cultures. 

It can be difficult to "train" your ear, as it were to listen to these new beat and sounds. To new instruments and to take all of that and internalize it so that you can represent that music through your dancing.

Today Siobhan joins me to chat about some ways that we can start to work through this information and embed it in our dancing.

I even make a confession about Rhythms on this podcast that you may identify with!

From ways to practice without practicing, to what you can do on the dance floor. Siobhan Camille has something for you.

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