Ep 44 – BREATHING FOR BELLYDANCERS - The Bellydance Bundle
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Today Ranya joins us to talk about something you do every day. 24 hours a day in fact.


Well, of COURSE I breathe when I dance, you might think but upon slightly stronger inspection I bet you can remember a time or a million where you stopped breathing while you were practicing, or concentrating, or watching a video of yourself perform.

Breathing is such an intrensic part of life that we often just forget about it, but as you'll hear today from Ranya, breathwork can drastically affect your dance and working it in can create magic.

Ranya's course Breathwork for Bellydance is part of the 2020 bundle, and it's going to be, well, breathtaking.

Episode in Honor Of

The 2020 Bellydance Bundle! While that one is no longer available, check out our home page for this year's dates and contributors!


Breathing, Concentrate, Ranya, Renee